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All You Need to Know About Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening

What is Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening?

RF skin tightening is a nonsurgical and noninvasive procedure for skin tightening.

This method uses energy waves in order to heat the dermis, which is the deepest layer of your skin. This heat, in turn, stimulates collagen production in the area.

Collagen is actually the most common protein found throughout the body. It’s what creates the foundation of our skin, also giving it its firmness.

Unfortunately, as we age, the cells in our bodies produce less collagen— ultimately leading to wrinkles and saggy skin. Skin typically begins losing the most elasticity around our mid-30s to early 40s, just as the quality and quantity of collagen produced in our bodies declines.

The introduction of RF skin tightening to the beauty world has made fighting those pesky signs of aging that much easier.

The Way in Which RF Therapy Works

There are a few systems of RF therapy out there in the market. Some common ones here in the United States include:

  • Thermage

  • Thermi

  • Exilis

  • Profound RF

  • Thermalift

All these technologies essentially work the same way— the RF waves heat the deepest layer of the skin to anywhere between 122 and 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

Research has found that sustaining a temperature above 115 degrees for more than 3 minutes will cause the body to release heat-shock proteins that stimulate the body to produce new collagen fibers.

The RF skin tightening procedure usually takes less than an hour, with virtually no pain whatsoever.

The Benefits of RF Skin Tightening

So of course, as we mentioned before, the main benefits of RF skin tightening are getting rid of wrinkles and skin tightening.

However, this procedure may also assist in combatting sun damage because of its ability to stimulate collagen production in the area treated.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to the breakdown and disorganization of your skin’s collagen fibers.

A study conducted in 2011 found that 3 months’ worth of RF tightening treatments on a small sample of individuals with mild to moderately sun-damaged skin found significant improvements in the condition of their skin’s surface.

The RF procedure may also be capable of body contouring by tightening loose skin on the body through its stimulation of collagen production on the treated areas.

In a study completed in 2017, 24 out of 25 people who did 5 to 8 sessions of the RF treatment saw an improvement in the shape of their body.

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