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Thick Thighs Thursday 🤗

Thick Thighs Thursday

Calling out to all the moms and women of all ages, it's time to embrace your body and give yourself some self-love!

This is Thick Thighs Thursday—the day when we get together to accept our bodies and celebrate every curve along the way. For too long we've been conditioned by society to loathe and criticize our bodies instead of loving them.

That changes today. Join us in spreading appreciation for ourselves and our unique bodies and shapes!

My client came in requesting to slim down her thighs. I reminded her that thick thighs are beautiful! I suggested we do some of our CaliBods techniques on them which include deep tissue work as well as noninvasive machine work. In just 2 sessions emerged her toned thick thighs 🙌🏼

Embrace Your Body and Love Your Thick Thighs

Learning to embrace your thick thighs and love the body that you’re in is no easy feat, especially when non-invasive body sculpting methods are so popular. It’s incredibly important to remember that the goal of non-invasive body sculpting is not to transform your figure entirely, but rather just make small tweaks here and there.

Oftentimes, we forget to work out or eat healthy because it doesn’t seem like it will have delivered drastic results quickly enough. But if you focus on loving and embracing your thick thighs no matter what, then treating your body well--through a combination of nutrition, body sculpting, and exercise--will become easier over time. Embrace your body and love your thick thighs; it’s worth it!

Why Thick Thighs are Beautiful - Strong, Powerful, and Sexy!

Thick thighs are beautiful and strong. They should be embraced for what they are - powerful and sexy! Women with thick thighs can embrace their natural bodies and show off the amazing strength that comes along with them. Too often, body types are judged against unattainable standards of beauty, when in fact our unique shapes and sizes deserve to be celebrated. Show off your perfect thick-toned thighs and you'll turn heads anywhere you go!

Workouts for Thick Thighs

You deserve to feel strong and confident in your body, so why not work towards shaping those thick thighs? Whether you'd prefer easy, convenient daily workouts at home or you're looking for something more intense, there are plenty of options available to help you hit your leg goals. With the easy-to-follow Cali-Peach workout bands, you can bust out quick moves while blasting your fave ratchet music; if you'd rather take it easy but still want results, try a low-impact regimen with easy pilates moves. No matter what your fitness level is, it's easy to find an effective workout that you'll enjoy doing so that your legs can look their best!

Click here to purchase your CaliPeach Bands today!

Five Foods to Help You Get Thicker Thighs

Eating right doesn't have to be a drag - with the right recipes, it can even help you reach your goal of getting thicker thighs. Certain foods are proven to bring key vitamins and minerals to your diet while providing the extra calories you need to build that muscle. Consider adding some of these five top-ranked food items –

  1. Salmon

  2. Avocados

  3. Banana

  4. Quinoa

  5. Nut butter

Delicious, nutritious, and appealing – what could be better? Start now to reap the rewards of embracing your body with thicker thighs!

Click here for some of my fave recipes👇🏼:

How to Love Yourself and Accept Your Unique Figure

Every woman was blessed with some beautiful natural curves, a fact that many of us overlook.

CaliBods encourages all women to understand the power that lies within their individual figure, and own their beauty as if it is something special to them.

Loving yourself doesn’t have to come with a specific size or number on the scale; instead, it should be appreciated for the unique shape that allows you to move through life in your own way.

So don’t be shy about embracing your body Thick Thighs and all – because no one else looks like you!

CaliBods is here to help you embrace your body and love your thick thighs! We have put together some tips and tricks to ensure that you are feeling confident, sexy, and powerful. After reading this blog post, you should now know how to work out for thick thighs, five foods to help you get toned thighs, and how to love yourself and accept your unique figure.

We want to make sure that everyone has access to resources so they can feel good about their bodies no matter their size or shape. Different shapes and sizes don't change how valuable each person is. You also do not need to feel guilty for wanting to improve the look and feel of your thighs! There is so many methods and ways to reach your body goals.

If you're looking to tone up call us and schedule your free consultation with us today!

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