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Who is a Candidate for Body Sculpting Treatments?

What Is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting is a body contouring system that helps with getting rid of stubborn fat in problem areas including the abdomen, thighs, or back. Procedures are approximately 25 minutes long, and there is no downtime whatsoever.

One session permanently destroys about 24% of the targeted fat cells.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting helps patients get rid of those pesky fatty areas in a matter of weeks. Before beginning treatments, it’s important that you determine whether you’re a good candidate for body sculpting.

Men and Women

It may seem that body sculpting is geared more toward women than men, however, this really isn’t the case. This non-invasive procedure is perfect for both men and women, and both can benefit from it equally.

Any person who has problem areas that don’t respond to solely exercise and diet can benefit from body sculpting in helping to deal with the fat in those areas— regardless gender. Body sculpting is especially ideal for stubborn fat located in the lower abdomen, back, and love handles.

People of All Skin Qualities

Patients with fair complexions or sensitive skin many times worry that the laser will damage their skin during medical procedures. However, when it comes to body sculpting, there is no need to worry. There have been 0 reports of skin damage— this procedure is safe for people of all skin types.

People Who Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

People who eat healthily and exercise regularly but are still unable to get rid of certain areas with stubborn fat, (such as the tummy fat or back fat) are great candidates for body sculpting. Overall good health and a BMI of 30 or lower are characteristics of perfect candidates.

People Who Are Close to Their Goal Weight

Because body sculpting is mainly used for fat loss— not weight loss— an ideal candidate would be someone who is close to their goal weight. If you are within 10-20 pounds of your goal weight, you might be a suitable candidate for body sculpting.

Let’s put it this way— an ideal candidate is a person who wants to lose a notch or two on their belt. Such a patient could benefit from one to three body sculpting treatments.

Those Looking for Quick and Convenient Fat Burning

Unlike invasive surgical procedures, body sculpting requires no downtime. Patients are able to come in for a 25-minute treatment and immediately return to their daily activities right away. So, body sculpting is perfect for those looking to achieve results without having to endure a long and painful recovery.

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