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Body Sculpting Training

Become a Technician in 48 hours

What to expect during this 2 -Day Power Course

This is a hands-on workshop that will walk you through the entire process of conducting consultations, booking clients, performing treatments, tracking progress, how to grow and expand your business. You will be performing actual treatments will full confidence.

Calibods & Xclusive Spa Academy offer expert training sessions on how to perform body sculpting techniques as well as how to launch your business work with industry influencers. 

Become an expert in Ultrasound Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening, Wood Therapy, and Vacuum Therapy. 

This industry is growing each year! According to reports published by The Digital Journal, this multi-billion dollar industry is set to grow 7.75% anually from 2019-2024.

 Xclusive's Spa Suites owner, Brandon O'Neal has grossed over six figures each year for the last decade with only a 1-2 person operation. He then expanded to 3 locations including his new 8 room spa in Long Beach.

Body Sculpting session rates can range from $90-$200 per hour appointment. Most Salons and Spas offer packages of 4, 8, 12, or 16.

Public Speaker

Day 1

Theory & Lecture

Our training sessions are meticulously planned by the instructors at Xclusive Academy. They are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of success and efficiency.
Your training will be conducted by our Body Sculpting certified teachers over a 2 day period that will last from 10 am to 5 pm on the specified training days.

Day 2

Hands-On Training

Training sessions will be consist of both hands-on training activities and lectures that will cover the following subjects:

  • Wood Therapy tools / tool usage/ body mechanics & attire

  • Ultrasound Cavitation

  • RF Skin Tightening

  • Vacuum Therapy

  • Cellulite Grading

  • Lymphatic System/drainage methods

  • Room set up and supplies needed

  • Code of Ethics

  • Client Consultation

  • Assessing your client

  • Pre/Post Treatment Instructions

  • Proper Sanitizing of Tools

  • Hands-On Training with Model

  • Marketing/Business Plan

Course Details: Facilities


Non-evasive treatment that immediately begins to emulsify fat cells and break down the connective tissues that cause cellulite.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Instantly tightens collagen and initiates regeneration of skin.

RF Skin TIghtening

Manually break down cellulite, detoxify, and contour the shape of the body.

Wood Therapy

The Butt Plump & Lift gradually lifts and pumps the buttocks.

Vacuum Therapy

What's Included?

Model with Braid

Models Provided

We will have models who have experienced the benefits of Body Sculpting for you to work on.


Wood Therapy Equipment provided

Huge Discounts on other equipment! Access to our wholesale business account provided to our academy to purchase new Ultrasound Cavitation, RF Treatment, and more at up to 60% off with 1-year warranties.

Designer's World


Learn how to target your audience and put the right offers in front of them! Learn how we recruit Social Influencers and celebrities to promote you for free! Leverage services and "soft money" to greatly expand your business. See the exact campaign that brought in $22k in 30 days from one Social Influencer!

Support Groups

Ongoing Support

Once you take our course you're forever a part of the family. We continually share tools, business advice, etc., with each location and technician we've helped establish.

Meet Our Staff

Get To Know Us


Venessa Juarez

Body Sculpting Instructor & Tech


Brandon O'neal

Xclusive Spa Owner & Body Sculpting Tech

Jason L.

"After a total of 8 sessions, over the course of 2 months along with proper nutrition and exercise program, I was able to reach some great results that I myself was made a believer to your craft! I came in at 42 inches and left 38 inches over an 8-week span! I appreciate your work and definitely would recommend it to anyone trying o lose a few inches and sculpt the body."

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1729 Termino Dr.
Long Beach, CA 90804


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